Pasta Carbonara with mushrooms

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Pasta Carbonara with mushrooms

Time: 15 minutes

Country: Italy

Created by: L. Saronni

Number persons: 4

(delicious together with steak and porc loin)


400 gr pasta
300 gr bacon
1 onion
250 gr mushrooms
150 gr grated Parmesan cheese
2 eggs
olive oil
truffle oil (eventually)


  1. Cook pasta with some oil and salt
  2. Cut bacon in slices or dices.
  3. Cut onion in rings
  4. Clean mushrooms (if soil is on with tissue or brush) and cut in slices
  5. Fry bacon (not too well done) add onion and mushsrooms
  6. When pasta is ready, mix with bacon, onion, mushroom mix
  7. Add cream and eggs and truffle oil and 50% of Parmezan
  8. Mix everything, stir and heat up during 30 seconds (to coagulate the eggs, not too much)
  9. Put pasta on a plate together with Parmezan, some black pepper and enjoy
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