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How to identify if the mushroom is fresh and suitable for consumption.

The mushroom consumption provides many benefits to our health. According to the site Mushroom-Appreciation, “the majority of mushrooms provides between 20 to 30% of high protein per content of dry matter. Also, the mushrooms a rich source of fiber, vitamin D and other essential supplements. As well as other foods, mushroom can also get spoiled and consuming it may cause illness, being imperative to learn the signals when the food is not suitable for consumption any longer.

First of all and before purchasing, you should verify the expire date of the product. Check if the mushroom has dark stains in the outside. Those start to appear as light brown and black when the product is not eatable any longer.

Check if the mushroom has a viscous external layer. The upper part is predominantly where slimy occurs, indicating the product is no longer good for consuming.

Inspect the stam (foot) on its lower part and check if it is dark. If it is considerably dark since purchase, prevent from consuming.

Observe if the mushroom is too dry. Touch the foot and the head and check if it is not too fluffy without consistency. These are signs it shouldn’t be consumed.

Try to perceive from smell if there is any indication of ammonia odor, also indicating deterioration. If the mushroom has any different smell from “earthy”, its natural and characteristic aroma, don’t use it.

Is it safe to consume the mushroom when the inner part of the mushroom is dark?

Yes. Different from preserved mushrooms, that is always submitted industrial processes including preserving chemicals, those are generally harvested young and do not have this dark inner part. The fresh mushroom (in natura) may be harvested in many different stages of growth and when becoming “mature” may present the development of the gills, the dark part. This can be perfectly consumed, and, in some countries, they are even preferred as it brings a more intense flavor.