Mushrooms tapas

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Mushrooms tapas

Time: 15 minutes

Country: Spain

Created by: P. Vilas

Number persons: 4


250 gr white mushrooms
4 eggs
some milk
bread crumbs
cooking oil
salt and pepper
garlic sauce


  1. Pre-heat cooking oil 175-190 C
  2. Clean mushroom (if soil is on with tissue or brush)and cut in 2 equal parts
  3. Mix eggs with some milk, pepper and salt in bowl
  4. In separate bowl bread crumbs
  5. Put mushrooms in egg-milk mix and after that through bread crumbs, and repeat once
  6. Leave mushrooms on plate
  7. Fry mushroom in hot oil until the are gold-bron
  8. Eat warm with garlic sauce great starter or as snack and enjoy together!
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