Mushroom tapenada

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Mushroom tapenada

Time: 10 minutes

Country: Spain

Created by: T. Delbosque

Number persons: 4


250 gr white mushrooms
25 fresh parsley
2 anchovy filets
25 grams pine nuts
2 cloves of garlic, squeezed (eventually)
4 spoons of capers
½ dl olive oil
salt, black pepper, cayennepepper


  1. Clean mushroom (if soil is on with tissue or brush) and cut in 4 equal parts
  2. Fry mushroom in olive oil at high fire
  3. Add squeezed garlic and stir for approx. 2 minutes
  4. Take off excess moisture
  5. Roast pine nuts in dry frying pan at high fire. Take of the fire as they get browner after been taken off the fire.
  6. Blend mushroom mixture, pine nuts, capers, anchovy, parsley and olive oil until you have a coarse paste
  7. For right taste add salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper
  8. Cool down and add on toast or beef and enjoy
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