Mushroom soup

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Mushroom soup

Time: 15 minutes

Country: The Netherlands

Created by: T. Verleisdonk

Number persons: 4


250 gr white mushrooms
35 gr butter or oil
35 gr wheat flour
1 l bouillon or water with bouillon tablet
(1 scrambled egg yolk)
3 spoons cream or coffeecreamer
droplet of citric juice


  1. Clean mushrooms (if soil is on with tissue or brush)
  2. Cut mushrooms into slices
  3. Braise mushrooms in ¾ spoon butter in closed casserole, approx. 10 minutes. Eventually add small quantity of bouillon
  4. In meantime create cream soup by melting the butter, add flour stir constantly until until butter is mixed with flour to a ball. Add gradually bouillon, stir constantly and boil soup after adding bouillon.
  5. Eventually add rapped egg yolk, add cream and some droplets of citric juice
  6. Add the mushrooms
  7. Ready to eat, enjoy
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